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Olympics - A look back

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A week of Olympics beginning, many other issues arising across the media, with Horses over the last couple weeks. I feel this it where it shows how we should be working together.

I talked about winter tips this weeks, Haynets, who actually likes filling them??!! However I do fill a whole weeks worth of nets on a Sunday. This does save time in the week.

Do you see yard workers and wonder why they do something?

Feeding, take one feed, go back get a second feed and repeat, why not take all feeds at once in a barrow.

Picking out feet before leaving the stable cuts down on the mess to swept later.

There’s a few tips I’ve been given before but I’ve not always managed to do...

Leaving an outdoor rug on overnight if wet to dry off, this has depended on how wet and how long they are in for.

Deep litter the bed during the week and full muck out at the weekend. Sometimes I don’t want to spend ages mucking out at the weekend.

A discussion I've also had many times, are you a talk rider, Something I have had to deal with. When I first started riding many many years ago, I was given the larger horses to ride, that didn’t worry me but as I was light sometimes I was a bit over powered!!!!

Enjoying catching up with the Winter Olympics, feels a little like that at the yard in the mornings.

Frozen puddles, water troughs, skipping over the field to collect frozen poos in a wheelbarrow!!

There is something about sport that brings you together and why I think Horses are one of the best!

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